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The Search Engine Specialists
The Search Engine Specialists
PPC (Pay-Per-Click Marketing Campaigns)
When engaging in Pay Per Click marketing campaigns, an important point to remember is that your position is determined by more than just the bidding price. So although you may be paying more than the ad that ranks above yours, you still can be shown at a lower position. It can be also true that you will be shown at a higher position with a lower bidding price than the people who are under you based on quality scores per keyword.  Due to the unique nature of the Google and Bing Ads, the position where you are appearing is not solely determined by the amount you are bidding. This calls for different strategy for bidding in the Google and Bing Ads system. Our strategies are specifically designed to increase your quality scores and adjust accordingly to get you the best possible Return On Investment.
We specialize in managing all aspects of a clients PPC, Organic SEO, and Local SEO campaigns.....
Additionally we handle the web design and development, from keyword selection to bid management, ad creation and ad testing. The ultimate goal is to increase the Return On Investment and profitability of our clients.  Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Campaign Management provides merchants, online advertisers and online marketers with the ability to measure and analyze the results of a search engine marketing campaign across pay-per-click (PPC) ad networks such as Google Adwords and Bing Ads, organic search engines, shopping search engines and local web directories.

Through analytic reporting, we will inform you of exactly what is going on with your campaign, helping to determine the most effective conversion methods that can be tailored into to your landing page. We'll make sure that the customer sees you before they see your competitors!

We'll Get You There...
  •   Analysis of your Website and Business Goals
  •   Determine your PPC Objective
  •   Determine your Budget
  •   Set up all PPC Campaigns
  •   Keyword Research and Selection
  •   Write Keyword Rich Ad Titles and Descriptions
  •   Bid Management
  •   Monitor and Evaluate your Ads
  •   Weekly Campaign Progress Reports
  •   Adjustment of Ad Content and Keywords as Needed

PPC Services Include:
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